Protocol signature for the new professorship at UMinho

Protocol signature for the new professorship at UMinho

On October 11, IB-S - Institute of Science and Innovation for Bio-Sustainability celebrated its first anniversary. The ceremony was marked by the signing of the protocol of the new professorship between Proef, dstelecom and IB-S, an innovator in teaching and research in Sustainable Telecommunication Networks for the Digital Society of the Future, that will have a minimum duration of 4 years and represents a direct investment of €400k !

According to Tiago Miranda, IB-S Executive Director, this is "a further step towards closer relations, which more than necessary is vital, between academia and the business ", highlighting the importance of telecommunications networks as "the basis of the digital society” and the purpose of the Professorship to make them" more resilient, sustainable and safer for the ordinary citizen."

The UMinho's Rector, Rui Vieira de Castro, recalled the threats hanging over the planet and humanity that demand answers, highlighting the growing importance of this topic, " As the awareness on these challenges and threats has been growing, these areas are becoming more and more relevant in the societal and academic fields. "

Since these Company-Professorships are rather low in Portugal, the role of Proef and dstelecom is strengthened as "a signal that is being given to the business community that, internally the companies do not have capacity to produce science through self-knowledge " said José Teixeira, president of DST Group.

Proef’s COO, Rui Alheiro, reinforces the importance of this Professorship in a wider vision, "We are investing in knowledge, envisioning the trends that will shape the future not only in Telecommunications, but also in other networks that will depend on the interconnection of people and things and that will rely on an ever-growing amount of data, such as: power grids, electric mobility, intelligent territories, autonomous driving, among others."

Signature of the professorship’s protocol. From left to right: Rui Alheiro, COO Proef Group, Rui Vieira de Castro, Rector UMinho, José Teixeira, President of DST Group
Source: University of Minho

Protocol signature
Source: UMinho