Promptly and Ubiwhere are now part of ACTIVAGE project

Promptly and Ubiwhere are now part of ACTIVAGE project

The ACTIVAGE Project is one of the largest projects on Active and Healthy Ageing in Europe.

The 2nd open call for the ACTIVAGE project has finished, and Promptly and Ubiwhere were one of the winners by being part of the consortium CUFIoT4AHA (Promptly, Ubiwhere, CUF and Universidade NOVA de Lisboa), the highest-ranked proposal for ACTIVAGE.

CUFIOT4AHA gives Promptly and Ubiwhere the opportunity to participate in the largest project on Active and Healthy Ageing in Europe and to lead the technology development in the ACTIVAGE’s new "Deployment Site” in Lisbon.

The ACTIVAGE is a European Multi Centric Large-Scale Pilot on Smart Living Environments, that proposes to scale up Use Cases (UCs) that will enable the deployment and operation at large scale of Active & Healthy Ageing IoT based solutions and services, supporting and extending the independent living of older adults in their living environments, and responding to real needs of caregivers, service providers and public authorities. The aim of ACTIVAGE is to align, set-up, deploy and measure a number use relevant Use Cases that provide a value for the assisted persons in 9 deployment sites across several European countries: Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Greece, Finland and United Kingdom.


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