Projeto Secret: Industry Dissemination Day

Projeto Secret: Industry Dissemination Day

On January 24, the Secret consortium organized the Industry Dissemination Day in Stockholm.

Proef collaborated with Huawei Sweden on the organization of Secret’s Industry Dissemination Day. The purpose of the event was to present to the Industry the themes that are currently being developed by the 13 young researchers who are part of the project.

The event had a good turnout and had a panel of experts from the industrial sector who shared their experiences and appreciations on the different works developed within the scope of the project, which stands out for the promotion of the Doctoral research supported in the interdisciplinarity and the exchange of knowledge between the business and research sectors.

In the days that preceded the Industry Dissemination Day, and since all partners were present, the consortium held the 7th plenary meeting of the project and a training session under the theme "Patent writing and filing, and IPR issues".


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