ITC - International Tower Corporation

ITC - International Tower Corporation

The ITC - International Tower Corporation is the most recent company of Proef Group! Arises from the strategic partnership with Cell C in the in South African soil, to support and develop the operator’s mobile network in this market.

The recent closed-up contract between both corporations envisage the financing and construction of 1000 sites for Cell C’s network, in which, ITC takes the responsibility for the service provision in the areas of construction and engineering, as well as the supply of all the required materials and passive equipment, for example, towers, containers, fences.

In order to capitalize to the maximum this business opportunity, the ITC expands its activity to the rental of the constructed infrastructures to other operators which are interested to put their network on the Cell C towers.

Alongside this contract, Eurico Ferreira South Africa has agreed with ITC the supply and construction of all the infrastructures needed to accomplish this contract. An operation evaluated in €80M which starts immediately and will extend until 2019.

This is an ambitious project that ensures the future growth and the establishment of synergies with the operator Cell C.