Final review of SooGreen project

Final review of SooGreen project

On November 22, the SooGreen project consortium met at Orange Gardens, in Paris, for the final review of the project.

Representatives from Celtic Office, Vinnova and Direction Générale des Entreprises (DGE) were present at the evaluation session. The SooGREEN project, which aimed to explore different solutions for the optimization of energy consumption in communication services/networks, received the "Excellent" grade by the technical evaluator Prof. Christos Verikoukis!

In addition, Proef  Eurico Ferreira had the opportunity to present the results of the Wi-Green project, a national project associated with Soogreen, which revealed gains in energy efficiency using the mechanisms developed by Proef Eurico Ferreira and INESC TEC.

After the European project Selfnet, Proef sees another R&D project successfully concluded! 


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